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Breakfast and round table: Sales and Marketing Spend Effectiveness – June 2019

On 25 June, Haute Performance hosted a group of executives and managers from SA’s well known FMCG brand owners for a breakfast, presentation, and round table discussion on our work for brand owners.

The power band between SA retailers and brand owners has traditionally favoured retailers, and in recent times this is becoming an even more inequitable relationship: The modern trade in South Africa is highly concentrated and negotiations for brand owners often entail covering a gamut of additional costs: Listing fees, new store fees, merchandising, DC allowances and contributions towards their brands’ promotions via the retailers’ channels.

Haute Performance has substantial experience in optimising marketing spend grids for clients, as well as analysing other costs to serve the modern trade. To explore how we can help you to negotiate better with your retail customers, and maximise the benefit of the fees they are paid, contact Pieter-Hugo van Wyk on