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Who we are

Welcome to Haute Performance

Haute Performance provides Management Consulting services at uncompromising tier-one international quality level, and at local South African conditions. Our team consists of professionals with skills ranging from pure sciences and engineering, through to finance. This broad base allows us to be generalists, comfortable with most management issues faced by today’s Executives. Since 2004, we have tailored our business thrusts to the requirements of the (South) African context, where:

  • Strategy does matter and needs attention, but implementation is everything
  • Global technologies are available in line with the rest of the world, but processes need to be adjusted to the local culture, and the transformation dynamics therein

Our BEE Status

Haute Performance is proudly BEE certified as a level four contributor. You can view our certification here: BEE Certification

What is Haute Performance about?

Our seniority and track record enable us to be flexible in terms of roles played (advisors, interim managers, or investors), yet with the rigor and intellectual discipline of tier-one consulting firms.

We like to think of ourselves as “activist” consultants. We are effective at the boardroom level but know how to roll-up our sleeves at the floor level.

Driven by our experience, we operate in many different industries and sectors, but primarily in:

  • Industrials “B2B” such as cement, oil and gas;
  • “B2C” such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG & retail, and financial services;
  • Supply chain, logistics services and industrial operations at large