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Expertise: Supply Chain

For a major international Oil Company:

  • Review of secondary transport management in South Africa
  • 13% savings identified and endorsed
  • Structuring of haulier’s contracts and performance management

For a major international Cement Producer:

  • Strategic sourcing of the entire road transportation in South Africa
  • tructuring of the outsourcing relationship and of the associated contract
  • Significant savings achieved, both tangible and intangible

For a major international Cement Producer:

  • Development of an inbound and outbound transport optimisation model, based on linear programming
  • Smoothing of product supply within a highly constrained and integrated business system

For a major African Health and Beauty Care Company, based in South Africa:

  • Review of the supply chain outsourcing relationship
  • Development of the inbound logistics strategy and infrastructure

For a major international Industrial Gas Producer:

  • Full review of the road transport operations
  • Facilitation of the outsourcing contract negotiation

For a junior European Glass Manufacturer and Distributor:

  • Logistics strategy review – total supply chain