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Expertise: Project Management Office (PMO)

Consulting projects generally fall across the following three categories: Analysis (or more pertinently, diagnostics), design, and implementation. Our philosophy is that each progressive phase should be conducted with an increasing level of involvement from the client’s team. That said, it is critical that a strong PMO function manage the implementation phase of any project.

All too often transformative programmes grind to a halt once the consultant’s diagnostic and design work is handed over to the operational team, and in our experience, this happens due to a combination of the following factors:

  • The complexity of the project has yet to be fully onboarded by the operational team at the outset of implementation
  • The operational team is not adequately incentivised to bring the project to fruition and leverage the benefits, and it is all too easy to revert to the old way of working
  • Challenges which present themselves during implementation require further analysis and rapid steering in order to pivot the project towards a successful trajectory

For this reason, Haute Performance offers to step in in a “PMO” role to train and onboard operational staff, beat the drum and manage the time schedule, and conduct any analysis needed to deal with challenges that may present themselves during implementation.

Selected PMO projects we have undertaken are as follows:

  • For a JSE-Listed FMCG group – managed the transition of their DC capacity from being outsourced to their service provider, to being leased directly. The key challenge in this process was ensuring that reinstatement works required to be undertaken by the old lessee (the logistics service provider) were completed in good time, and that the properties were brought to an adequate level of SHEQ compliance
  • For an Oil Major – managed the implementation of a wide range of newly procured logistics services from primary transport, through warehousing, to secondary distribution
For a multinational construction materials manufacturer – Managed the implementation of initiatives identified through the diagnostic process