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Expertise: Procurement

Haute Performance has a full track record of successful Strategic Sourcing programs in South Africa and in Europe.

South African engagements:

  • Top South African Bank – R3bln covered, saving roughly 10%
  • Top South African parastatal – Individual categories sourced – 7%
  • Top South African parastatal – Full reorganization of procurement and development of eCommerce and eProcurement

European engagements:

  • Dutch Diversified Chemical Company – $9bln covered – 5% savings across the range
  • Dutch Petrochemical Company – $4bln covered, 3% on Primary Materials, 6% on balance
  • US Global Paper manufacturer – 60% of spend covered
  • Dutch Paper Company (packaging, etc..)

Scope and approaches:

  • All of the above covering full direct and indirect spectrum of materials and services
  • All of the above being substantive engagements, involving not only analysis, but contract negotiations and implementations, up to accrual of the savings and bottom line impact
  • All of the above involving people and organization aspects, transferring change ownership and practices to the Principals for lasting results