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Expertise: Market Entry & Enterprise Establishment

SA Market entry

Haute Performance does offer mentoring services for European companies having or considering operations in South Africa. These services are provided through a consulting relationship (professional services), or sometimes even through a directorship.

A) What do we bring?
    • Knowledge of the South African business scene and its special texture
      • Relationship between business and politics, between business and government
      • Black Economic Empowerment
    • Knowledge of South African business practices
      • Competition law, Commercial law, Labour laws
      • Exchange controls
      • Corporate Governance
    • Knowledge of the business service providers
      • Lawyers
      • Head hunters
      • Real Estate agents
      • Supply chain providers
    • General Management experience in South Africa (Supply Chain service company)

    • Ability to grasp quickly market structures and dynamics, as well as companies “DNA”, developed through years of experience as management consultants, both in South Africa and in Europe

  • Broad spectrum of business experiences
    • We operate in many functional domains, with a few spikes in Operations, Supply Chain and Procurement. We venture into sales and marketing with ease
    • As consultants we deal with performance improvements at large, but tackle also company turn-arounds, organisation developments and “strategy issues” – product portfolio, company acquisition etc.
  • Experience in Directorship (American and Belgian multinationals)

B) What do we do?

We act as the representative and/or local mentor of the South African Operations and as the link with the mother company. Exact activities depend on the stage of development of the South Africa Operations.


  • Market entry strategies (products, channels, pricing, …)

Initial stage:

  • Installation – selection of location, site – selection of company set-up
  • Selection of business partners (search firms, Real Estate, Audit, Company secretary, Accountants, communications, etc..)


Company development, steering, transformation and/or turn-around through:

  • Strategy validation
  • Organisation development
  • Performance monitoring
  • CEO coaching and mentoring

The relationship model is either on the basis of time and material or retainer.

C) Benefits for the company
  • Speedier initial development
  • Management consulting experience and resource at a fraction of the cost, and with continuity
  • Culture bridge between SA and Head Quarters

D) Case example

(Belgian Company active in the automotive distribution sector)

Typical activities:

  • Change of management team (exit, hiring, transfers from Head Offices, induction)
  • Interim management
  • Governance and conflict resolution
  • Relay with local services providers (lawyers, forensic, due diligence)
  • Restructuring
  • Local acquisitions
  • Strategy development (new products launches, budget validation, etc)


  • Full restructuring – change of management team, reorganisation in Business lines, change of management team (80% achievement after 20 months)
  • Company structure “right-sized” in a depleted market
  • Increase of Market share back to natural level
  • Portfolio expansion
  • Improved relationship with minority shareholder

African Market entry

Most of the African markets are poorly documented and it is difficult for companies who desire to enter a new market to take an informed decision.

Haute Performance has help several of its clients to evaluate the attractiveness of African markets through:

  • Interviews of main players in a market (competitors, distributors, clients, experts, etc.)
  • Field surveys (quantitative and focus groups)
  • Triangularisation of existing data and model building