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Expertise: Market Entry & Enterprise Establishment

SA Market entry

Haute Performance does offer mentoring services for European companies having or considering operations in South Africa. These services are provided through a consulting relationship (professional services), or sometimes even through a directorship.

A) What do we bring?

  • Knowledge of the South African business scene and its special texture
    • Relationship between business and politics, between business and government
    • Black Economic Empowerment
  • Knowledge of South African business practices
    • Competition law, Commercial law, Labour laws
    • Exchange controls
    • Corporate Governance
  • Knowledge of the business service providers: Lawyers, Head-hunters, Real Estate agents, Supply chain providers
  • General Management experience in South Africa (
  • Ability to grasp quickly market structures and dynamics, as well as companies “DNA”, developed through years of experience as management consultants, both in South Africa and in Europe
  • Broad spectrum of business experiences
  • Experience in Directorship (American and Belgian multinationals)

B) What do we do?

We act as the representative and/or local mentor of the South African Operations and as the link with the mother company. Exact activities depend on the stage of development of the South African Operations.

  • Market entry strategies (products, channels, pricing, …)
  • Installation – selection of location, site – selection of company set-up
  • Selection of business partners (search firms, Real Estate, Audit, Company secretary, Accountants, communications, etc.)
  • Strategy validation
  • Organisation development
  • Performance monitoring
  • CEO coaching and mentoring

The relationship model is either on the basis of time and material or retainer.

C) Case example

(Belgian Company active in the automotive distribution sector)

Typical activities:

  • Change of management team (exit, hiring, transfers from Head Offices, induction)
  • Interim management
  • Governance and conflict resolution
  • Relay with local services providers (lawyers, forensic, due diligence)
  • Restructuring
  • Local acquisitions
  • Strategy development (new products launches, budget validation, etc)


  • Full restructuring – change of management team, reorganisation in Business lines, change of management team (80% achievement after 20 months)
  • Company structure “right-sized” in a depleted market
  • Increase of market share back to “natural” level
  • Portfolio expansion
  • Improved relationship with minority shareholder