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Sector: Industrials

Originally centred around Consumer Goods, Haute Performance’s competencies have branched out into many different segments of the industrials sector.

We are particularly active in heavy industries, where the supply chain optimisation can be a make or break of profitability and competitiveness among the actors.

In that segment, we have had long-term relationships with:

  • A major multinational Cement Company
  • Several of the major Oil Companies
  • A major multinational Industrial Gas company
  • A major global Steel player
  • A world leader in Electrical Equipment manufacturing
  • A world leader in Construction Material manufacturing

Our engagements with the above companies have usually started with a strong Supply Chain component, but have also over time branched out to other disciplines:

  • Order-to-Cash reengineering, including call centres, stock deployment etc.
  • Salesforce deployment
  • Route to Market
  • Retail concept development
The above industries are usually cyclical in their profitability, but also cyclical in their attractiveness and appeal to employees or consultants. We are very proud at Haute Performance to be associated over time with these industries and to have relationships that endure throughout the cycles.