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Sector: Government

Haute performance has been serving the South African Government and its parastatals over the years. The State plays an important role in the South African Economy and represents a major segment of the consulting market.

The Government and parastatals offer their own set of challenges that we collectively regroup under the label “transformation”. In this context “transformation” means also turnaround with its key dimensions:

  • Strategy definition (policies, regulation, mission statements)
  • Organization structure definition (from the more conceptual to the more practical aspects, up to job definitions)
  • Process definitions, along the major service lines
  • Implementation follow-up and monitoring (Hand-holding)

We have been working directly or indirectly for Transnet, SARS and the Dept of Home Affairs.

“Let us recommit ourselves to building a better future for all South Africans, black and white. Let us pursue the ideal for which Madiba has fought his entire life – the ideal of a democratic and free society, in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.”

Hon. President J Zuma, State of the Nation, Feb 2010